Host Plus

Everything is became instant, real-time and very quickly the internet became as much about entertainment and social media as it was a business application. For internet users, it was no longer simply about access, it was about the speed of the experience.

The launch of iPad in April 2010 changed the world. Overnight, WiFi went mainstream and today your guests (visitors, shoppers, travellers, students) and even the work-force within venues, has a smart device (or several) in their pockets wanting to access your bandwidth.

Venues the world over have challenges today and your guests, visitors and employees will continue to bring new devices, expecting more data and more speed at your location. Business struggling today will face more challenges in the future. It will not get any easier. We have the tools to give you back control of your network, to free up your labour, reduce complaints and effectively manage your bandwidth so you buy the right amount of speed and help your business win business with confidence.

With Host Plus as your solution,

You can take control of your bandwidth

Host Plus is a smart internet access solution for Hospitality industry such as hotels, café and restaurants designed to support major scale users in wireless & wired networks. Optimized for high performance and scalability, it is a service-rich, resilient and flexible HSIA gateway that enables next-generation wireless networks, smart devices and applications. With its exceptional feature like AAA, Intelligent Bandwidth Management, customizable Landing Page/Portal, WiFi & Social Analytics and Users demographics reports with detailed analytics of visitor behaviour to enhance the guest overall internet experience.

Support guests authentication through various ways like PMS, Voucher or Social Media. Whether the services are paid or complimentary, Host Plus can guarantee Quality of Service through its intelligent Bandwidth Management feature. With its fully Plug & Play features, the guests can access internet without difficulties thus reducing guest complains and maximizing overall guests internet experience.

Host Plus Features


Host Plus comes with build-in NMS (Network Monitoring System) to monitor all network equipment and alert support proactively if there are any equipment breakdown. It also support access to all types of VPNs (corporate guests) and offer professional business centre internet services.

User Policy

One-time login for both notebook and handheld devices for reliable wired and wireless internet connectivity within the Hotel. Host Plus also allows IT to set single or multiple packages /services plan and group the plans for much more manageable operation of the system & network.

Captive Portal

Host Plus provides fully customised welcome page design with mobile compatibility. It’s customisable with capability to set authentication type for each login page based on VLAN or Zones such as Lobby, Conference, Guest Room or F&B Outlets - areas within the hotel proximity.

Intelligent Bandwidth

With the built-in Intelligent Bandwidth Management engine, Host Plus manages P2P services and prioritise selected services with efficient bandwidth management per user, per VLAN and per Session Rate Limiting. Dedicated and Shared Bandwidth for conference or events which allows application level and zone based advance bandwidth management.


Host Plus provides property owners with users demographics reports with detailed analytics of visitor behaviour which allows the property owners to provide highly reliable, robust & cost efficient internet services simultaneously turn the venues into revenue sources.


Users can have flawless internet connectivity with Best of Both World (Wired & Wireless) without any configuration changes to their devices with our Plug & Play feature in place. It minimise the support from IT and enhance the guest internet experience.